Advance Allergy

Design Phase

Hardscape Design and Installation:

Make your outdoor living space, your favorite place. We strive to make it happen!

We ask YOU! Before We Begin Designing

At your free initial consultation, we discuss all your intentions and aspirations for your living space. This helps to ensure proper fulfillment from start to finish. OIPR (Outdoor Innovations Co by Patrick Richie) provides an on-site freehand rendering with dimensions to help visualize the space, at no charge.

Technical Design Phase

After your approval of our preliminary design/proposal, we then provide 5 to 7 3-D perspective CAD and plot plan drawings (to scale) for clear interpretation of your total investment.

In addition, we provide a completed design/installation proposal, consisting of all drawing and renderings to scale, to ensure a smooth transition for approval by your HOA, specific County ordinances, etc.


Pictures of our Recent Designs

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